The first stop will be Procida, the smallest island in the Gulf of Naples, whose enveloping charm surprises from the first glance, a treasure trove of wonder and culture.
It is no coincidence that it was declared the capital of culture in 2022. We will sleep in the characteristic port of Corricella, an ancient fishing village that has retained all the ancient charm of the past.
We will have time to discover its essence and taste the typical sweet "the tongue of Procida" of sublime goodness.
We will then sail to Capri, the island of love, with its stacks that frame one of the most romantic and evocative bays in the world. And this is where we will spend the night. One of the most beautiful bays in the Mediterranean.
It is the turn of the Amalfi coast. Here the essential element is the sea, the kingdom of Poseidon, who, out of the love he felt for the nymph Pasitea, decided to create the city of Positano. Here it is magical to get lost in the narrow streets full of colorful local craft shops, among which the summer clothing shops that have given rise to a brand famous all over the world for style and quality stand out.
Born from another divine love, it is Amalfi, which according to legend was the name of a nymph loved by Hercules and buried here at the behest of the gods.
And Amalfi is the first stop that we will reach from Capri after a relaxing day at sea.
We will sleep in the ancient port rich in history and the seat of the ancient maritime republic.
the following morning from here with our tour leader we will leave to walk one of the most beautiful paths of the Amalfi coast: the natural reserve "Valle delle Ferriere".
Due to its special geographical position, it has kept its microclimate unchanged over time, preserving intact plants from very distant times. It will be an unforgettable walk.
in the afternoon, it will be free and for those who want to, in the company of our tour leader, you can always enjoy a walk in the nearby Atrani, the smallest town in Italy and an ancient village rich in history.
Even the evening will be dedicated to relaxation and enjoying a dinner in the ancient village.
The time has come to reach Positano. Here we will spend another night in the harbor that will give us the frame of the vertical village. Here it will be possible in the afternoon with a taxi-boat to reach the center and get lost in the narrow streets.
Our return to the Gulf of Naples will begin in the morning. There will be no shortage of stops to fully enjoy the coves and the beauty of navigation on the Amalfi coast.
Our stop will be Sorrento. We will dock in the tourist port and here by booking a transfer, we can go to the city center to discover the most famous town on the Sorrento coast. Here we will be able to taste the famous limoncello.
In the morning after breakfast, the slow return will begin but without first stopping in the harbor to enjoy a little more relaxation and to greet us with an aperitif.

Tour duration

Tour duration: 7giorni/6notti


- Accommodation in a double cabin
- Meals on board
- Drinks on board (water, juices)
- Mooring fee in ports
- Use of snorkeling equipment
- Trekking excursion to Amalfi
- Skipper
- sheet rental
- Fuel, final cleaning


- Meals are eaten ashore
- Disembarkations when not moored in the port
- Anything not expressly indicated in the item includes