Found during the excavation of a well in 1709, the ancient Herculaneum was a Roman town that overlooked the sea with beautiful terraces and sumptuous otium villas, including the beautiful Villa dei Papiri.
Excavations began with the Bourbons through the construction of tunnels still visible today, but for the most part the city is still buried. Our expert guides will describe the structures still intact, the mosaics and the frescoes in bright colors, will make you admire the surprisingly preserved wooden doors and stairs and will take you to the ancient beach where the casts of the victims' skeletons are exposed.

Tour duration

Tour duration: 2h


- Private car with driver

- Private Touristic guide

- Entrance ticket to the archaeological site


- Tips


  • Recommended clothing: comfortable shoes; in summer we recommend headdresses, light fabrics and a supply of water
  • For people with reduced mobility, the visit is limited only to a part of the first level of the archaeological area
  • languages spoken: italian, english