The excavations of Herculaneum reveal the city buried in a few moments by the violence of Vesuvius in 79 AD.
According to legend, Herculaneum was founded by the mythological hero Hercules. Born in the archaic age, the city was exposed to Samnite, Greek, Etruscan influences, up to the predominant Roman presence, highlighted by today's exceptional state of conservation. During the eruption, the city was buried by about 23 meters of mud, which preserved it even better than the other Vesuvian cities victims of the same catastrophe.
The houses still retain the upper floors, as well as organic finds such as food, fabrics, beams, partitions and wooden stairs.
The discovery, prior to that of ancient Pompeii, occurred by chance, during the excavation of a well near what was once the Ancient Theater of Herculaneum. The archaeological investigations were promoted in 1738 by Carlo di Borbone, and after various interruptions, they then resumed in 1927.
Since 1997 the excavations have been included in the UNESCO list, as a world heritage site


Private excursion with hotel pickup and private guide.

Tour duration

Tour duration: 2h


-  pick up by private car directly at the hotel

- private guide

- entrance to the excavations

- release to the hotel


- Tips


  • Comfortable shoes are recommended; in summer we recommend hats, comfortable clothes and a bottle of water
  • languages spoken: italian, english
  • For people with reduced mobility, the visit is limited only to a part of the first level of the archaeological area