The term underground Naples indicates the dense and complex network of tunnels and cavities, which are found in the Neapolitan subsoil and which form a real city that traces, in negative, the surface city. The underground city extends under the entire historic center, myths and legends are linked to it that are still alive today in the collective imagination of the Neapolitans. The galleries below Naples have been used, over the centuries, in different ways. Born following the extraction of tuff for the construction of the city, they were then used as an aqueduct and as a refuge during the Second World War. Come down with us into the bowels of the city to discover its history and mysteries through the most fascinating underground tour of Naples.


- Group excursion for a minimum and maximum of 20 participants.
- The excursion will take place when the maximum number is reached.
- In case of not reaching the required number of participants will come
   the participation fee refunded in full.

Tour duration

Tour duration: 4h


- Private transfer by minibus from Portici

- Guide

- Ticket

- Aperitif


- Tips


  • Languages spoken: Italian