Naples is a wonderful city that loves to tell and tell itself. Naples is culture, history, and tradition.
Naples is: 'pizza.
One of the true souls of the city is the street food which, known and replicated by all, is capable of transferring the feeling of a land and its people into the world.
With this experience, we offer you to become a Neapolitan pizza maker for a day.
You will immerse yourself in a journey into the millenary culture of pizza, a unique path to learning all the secrets of its preparation.
An experience to be lived in one of the oldest pizzerias in Naples founded in 1923 and has become renowned for its famous "cart-wheel" pizza, so-called for its enormous size.
Accompanied by expert pizza chefs, you will be led on an interactive journey and wear the coveted white apron.
All the raw materials needed to make the pizza will be illustrated and explained; then we will proceed to knead the flour with the water until the right consistency is needed to prepare an excellent pizza.
We will then proceed to "roll out" the dough on the counter of the pizza maker to create the typical shape and then stuff it with the ingredients that have made it famous all over the world: tomato, buffalo mozzarella from Campania, basil and olive oil.
Here is the topical moment: the transition from the counter to the oven, the traditional Neapolitan wood-burning one.
You will bake your first pizza!
And finally everyone at the table with the spirit that distinguishes Neapolitan hospitality to share and taste the result of the work obtained.
All accompanied by an excellent Campania wine.


- Private oneway transfer from the hotel
- Neapolitan welcome coffee
- Introduction to Neapolitan pizza and history
- Selection of raw materials and description of basic equipment
- Demonstration and realization of a hand dough
- Learn more about leavening and dough maturation
- Preparing the wood oven and cooking your own pizza
- Tasting at the table and in combination with beer, wine, or soft drink

Tour duration

Tour duration: 3,5h


- Transfer oneway from the hotel 
- Tasting of the pizzas prepared by you in the most classic flavors of the
  Neapolitan tradition
- Wines from Campania


- Tips


  • languages spoken: napolitan, italian, english
  • languages spoken: napolitan, italian, english