A magnificent experience to admire Vesuvius from the sea. During the walk the guides will illustrate the geological history and the vicissitudes that have made the Gulf of Naples famous, starting with the historic crossing of the Commander of the Roman fleet Pliny the Elder, who in 79 AD. sailed from Miseno to the aid of the Vesuvian populations and, it is thought, of a famous noblewoman, Rectina. We will continue by telling about incursions from the sea, from the historical ones of Saracens and Phoenicians, to the mythological ones narrated in the Odyssey, as well as of all the populations that have lapped our coasts with their boats, admiring and dominating them, remaining enchanted or succumbing. For lunch we will stop in the stretch of sea between Vico Equense and Seiano to take a swim and have a packed breakfast. The return is scheduled for the afternoon.


Type: easy but on a sailing boat, beware of seasickness, do not drink liquids in the morning before embarking, take dry food with you, and protect yourself from the sun.
Equipment: non-slip shoes, a short-sleeved shirt to protect yourself from the sun, sunscreen, hat, towel, swimsuit, k-way or windproof, camera.
Best period: from April to November

Tour duration

Tour duration: 6h


- Private transfer from your AR hotel

- water, coca-cola, orange soda, juices, beer

- Appetizer, fruit, brunch

- guide


- tips


  • languages spoken: italian, english
  • a windproof jacket is recommended in the autumn
  • trainers