The typical Capri boat, the gozzo, will allow you to enjoy it at your own pace. You will sail lulled by the waves and basking in the sun.
The gozzo is a wooden boat of Levantine origin which, like the Latin sail, was introduced into the Mediterranean by the Arabs and copied by the sailors of the Italian maritime republics who frequented the ports of the eastern Mediterranean.
With our excursion you will have the opportunity to enjoy the enchanting scenery of the rocks overlooking the sea.
You will be able to admire, while navigating Villa Lysis, the Scugnizzo rock and Villa jovis, the residence of the Emperor Tiberius.
You will enjoy the enchanting white cave, the natural arch, and the Emerald cave.
An obligatory stop will be that of the famous Faraglioni and the bay of Anacapri and the rock of the sirens.
The navigation will then continue towards the lighthouse, the westernmost point of the island where it will be possible to enjoy the beauty of the sun that touches the water until it disappears forming breathtaking and always different colors with the background of Ischia and Procida.
The sun and the colors that make the atmosphere relaxing and romantic we will finally visit the famous Blue Grotto.
Here this is our tour.
An enchanting ride in which time will stop for you to enjoy this magnificent experience to the fullest.


Duration of experience: 3 ore

What's included

  • Welcome by our hostesses
  • Goiter ride around the island
  • Drink and water

What is excluded

  • Tips

In evidence