From the Toledo metro station, one of the new art metro stops, which has obtained several awards and Oscars for the best underground architecture and innovative use of space, you will walk through the wonderful maze of streets that make up the ancient quarter of the troops of Spanish soldiers from which the name derives, we will stop to admire the new street art of murals of some of the most famous characters of Naples and between a bass and a cloth hung out to dry in the sun between one building and another you will arrive at the entrance of the underground Naples to also discover the subsoil of this millenary city, which through an underground path marks the journey of the history of the city, through a parallel between the Naples of the surface and that of the subsoil.

Tour duration

Tour duration: 4h


- Private Guide

- Ticket Napoli Sotterranea


- Tips


  • wear comfortable shoes
  • a sweater is recommended for a visit to underground Naples