We will meet in Toledo, one of the new art metro stops, and we will stroll through the wonderful maze of streets that make up the ancient quarter of the Spanish troops from which it derives its name.
We will admire the cultural impetus represented here by the new street art of murals by some of Naples' most famous personalities and we will experience the true essence of the historic center that between a bass and a cloth hung out to dry in the sun between one building and another will accompany us up in piazza del Plebiscito, one of the most beautiful squares in Naples which sees the beginning of its history with the completion of the Royal Palace.
The Palace, which by its very position, naturally appears to be the beating heart of the city.
its magnificent gardens and the historic apartment with its paintings, marbles, tapestries, and precious furnishings tell the lives of the occupants and with them many moments in the history of Italy and Europe.


Duration of experience: 3 ore

What's included

  • Private guide
  • Entrance ticket to the Real historic apartment 

What is excluded

  • Tips

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