The most famous volcano in the world, Vesuvius, is the symbol of the city of Naples.
Admired and feared since ancient times, thanks to the fertility of its land it has given men the opportunity to grow renowned products such as hazelnuts, tomatoes, apricots, but above all has allowed the cultivation of the vine.
Going up the hairpin you can't help but admire the flora that surrounds this land, like the broom. Once you reach the mouth of the crater, you can see the inside of the volcanic cone and notice the stratification it has undergone over the centuries. The panorama then opens up to the Gulf of Naples and the southern coast, until reaching the Sorrento promontory.
And this is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world, the city of Torquato Tasso, with its mild climate and its beauty that since ancient times has always attracted the ships of conquerors from all over the Mediterranean.
Walking through the historic center leads to the discovery of architectural jewels such as the Duomo, and then cross Piazza Tasso and immerse yourself in the greenery of the Villa Comunale with its breathtaking view over the entire gulf. With its citrus scent, especially lemon, Sorrento is the land of the famous limoncello liqueur. For its narrow streets it is easy to come across artisan factories and typical shops.


Pick up in hotel

Tour duration

Tour duration: 8h


- Private transfer to and from your hotel by private car

- Guide to volcanology on Vesuvius 

- Entrance to the Vesuvius park

- pizza and soft drink in Sorrento


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  • recommended comfortable clothing, comfortable shoes, sweatshirt, hat
  • languages spoken: italian, english